The woman at the centre of the war on annoying forms Play
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The woman at the centre of the war on annoying forms

For 1Centre founder and CEO Miriana Lowrie, it was the numbers that did it.

“$192 is the cost to process one trade credit application form. 2.5 million – that’s the number of trade credit applications processed in New Zealand every year. Now just one of our business customers has over 200 suppliers, you can imagine the toll chasing up all those paper forms would take on her just to get them set up.

“1Centre is a cloud-based platform, the experience is far superior, and it’s very easy and much more efficient. There’s no back and forth about whether the forms have been filled out or where they are. You can work on the system on any device anywhere in the world,” Miriana said.

Applying for Vodafone xone last year, a start-up accelerator and innovation lab, opened the door to a total package valued at more than $150,000, including seed funding and access to world class technology and mentoring as part of a six month programme.

“A lot has been happening for 1Centre. We’ve been in market for several months now, and we have nearly 600 total users on the 1Centre platforms, so total businesses – that’s a phenomenal achievement in such a short space of time.

“The big thing I got out of Vodafone xone was where it might take you three months to figure something out by yourself, being exposed to the resources that Vodafone has available means you can cut that time down considerably – to a month,” Miriana added.

1Centre’s clients are effusive about the difference the system has made to their businesses.

Epic Brewing Company owner Luke Nicholas knows a good thing when he sees it.

“We brew craft beer, and we have a lot of different suppliers from raw materials to packaging materials, to logistics companies, and a host of services that help us get beer from its raw ingredients into a glass for people to drink. 1Centre was a really good choice for us in making our lives easier,” Luke said.

Epic Brewing Company Operations Manager Ellie Tocker was faced with two paper folders filled with credit applications when she took over running the books.

“I really didn’t want to trawl through all those pieces of paper, so 1Centre has definitely streamlined things and made it a lot easier. Online an IP address is your signature so it makes it a lot easier and a lot less daunting, so it’s also easier for our customers,” Ellie said.

For Miriana the fact that Vodafone, and Vodafone xone got what she was trying to do made all the difference.

“Vodafone get it, they know the problem that we’re solving opening accounts and agreeing legal trade terms they do it every day. I did the research, and when I learnt that 100% of people hate filling out forms that’s when I knew I have to do this. That’s why Vodafone xone is so good, you learn everything you need to know as a start-up as you go,” Miriana said.

Vodafone xone is now open for applications until 15 April 2018

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