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Wall-to-wall internet at home, guaranteed by Vodafone.

Vodafone launches SuperWifi, supporting a great in-home internet experience with high-tech mesh Wifi devices and customised support. This latest technology also provides customers with greater control over internet usage at home.

In a telco-first for Aotearoa, Vodafone New Zealand is guaranteeing wall-to-wall in-home WiFi coverage or a $100 credit, with its new offer, Vodafone SuperWifi. The offer sees two premium mesh wifi devices offered to all eligible Vodafone broadband customers, at no extra charge [1] , creating a dedicated in-home wifi network that not only combats internet ‘dead zones’, but also provides greater control over of how internet is used in the home.

From January 18, new and existing customers signing up to an eligible Vodafone broadband plan [2] will be given the opportunity to redeem two customised TP-Link DecoX20 mesh devices, for no extra cost, along with Vodafone’s Wall-to-Wall Guarantee. The two Wifi6-capable [3] devices are very easy to install and create a wifi network delivering wall-to-wall coverage [4] , improving wifi performance, and ensuring newer Wifi6 compatible devices are getting the best in-home experience possible.

Once the devices are connected, if a customer doesn’t think they have wall-to-wall wifi coverage, Vodafone’s guarantee will see the Vodafone team work with them for up to 30 days to ensure coverage reaches every room. This includes cloud-based remote support, an extra device if needed and even an in-home technician to assess the SuperWifi experience if necessary. If, after Vodafone has tried to fix it, the customer still doesn’t have full coverage within the home, the company will credit $100 to their Vodafone broadband account [5] .

“Strong WiFi is a critical factor for a great in-home internet experience, yet many Kiwis experience poor WiFi performance,” says Vodafone Chief Consumer Officer, Carolyn Luey. “Thick walls, building materials such as concrete and ceramic tiling, other electronic and wireless devices, mirrors and even the neighbours’ networks can cause problems with WiFi in the home.

“With the number of internet-connected devices in the average New Zealand home constantly rising, and 2020 accelerating the demand for reliable wifi throughout the home, Vodafone SuperWifi provides our customers with the ability to optimise their in-home WiFi coverage and performance, enabling them to work, play, watch or learn from wherever they are in the home,” she says.

Vodafone customers also receive free access to the DecoX20 TP-Link HomeCareTM suite of services with Vodafone SuperWifi for up to three years. The package includes intuitive parental controls, device prioritisation, and a comprehensive antivirus protection service to keep all devices on the mesh network safer.

“SuperWifi gives customers a greater ability to manage internet usage within their home and keep their youngest family members safer online. Through a simple app, parents can block inappropriate content or apps on individual devices, set daily limits for total time spent online, see which apps their kids are using, or pause the internet completely if need be,” says Luey.

“Devices can also be prioritised on the mesh wifi network, meaning that important work video call won’t be interrupted by someone watching Bridgerton on Netflix in the next room, or that tense online PlayStation game won’t suddenly start lagging when someone begins uploading holiday pics onto their social media. The control is in the hands of the user.

“Our customers tell us that what they want from their broadband is a good internet experience in every room of their house. However that experience is often hindered by environmental factors interfering with wifi performance. Vodafone SuperWifi looks to improve any wifi issues so that, whether it is for gaming, remote working, surfing the net or watching TV, our customers can get the most out of their Vodafone home broadband.”

For more information please see
Also see the Deco X20 mesh WiFi 6 hardware.

[1] Offer may be redeemed by residential customers who sign up to Unlimited Broadband, or Wireless Broadband 600GB, on a 12 month term. Fees apply if you cancel or transfer your plan or billing account within 24 months.

[2] Residential customers who sign up to Unlimited Broadband, or Wireless Broadband 600GB, on a 12 month term.

[3] Wifi 6 is the latest generation of Wifi, delivering higher speeds and better performance than previous generations. To use Wifi 6, devices must be Wifi 6 compatible.

[4] Two mesh devices are recommended for a standard 1-3 bedroom home. A third device may be sent out to customers who are deemed to require it by a Vodafone technician.

[5] Credit must be claimed within 90 days of redemption.

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