The Kiwi company with a plan to quake-proof your life Play
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The Kiwi company with a plan to quake-proof your life

For the team at Tectonus, finding a solution to keep buildings standing strong in the face of an earthquake is a true calling.

Tectonus CEO Pierre Quenneville and the team have developed a resilient seismic joint that can both dampen the seismic energy of a building in the midst of a sizeable quake, but also restore it to its original position.

“We’re really proud that our Kiwi technology will be able to protect people and buildings from earthquakes and aftershocks. We’ve been talking to structural engineers all over the country, and they’re really excited with the simplicity of the technology. They have ideas for using it in different buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and even pallet racking. The applications are limitless,” Pierre said.

Being selected to take part in Vodafone xone class of 2017, a start-up accelerator and innovation lab programme valued at more than $150,000, gave the team the opportunity to take their invention to the next level.

“Our first project is the new Nelson airport terminal. It’s a beautiful structure with tall LVL columns supporting a timber roof. Our technology is superior in that it resists earthquakes, doesn’t require post-event maintenance and is there for the long term.

“Being part of the Vodafone xone programme has been such a great experience for the Tectonus team, to have access to mentors and business experts at this pivotal time was really important,” Pierre added.

Tectonus Marketing Manager Anya Valyashko agrees.

“We would really love a world where there isn’t the same devastation that we saw in Christchurch, and so partnering with Vodafone a company that is equally passionate about innovation was exceptional. To hear from experts and people who’ve gone through the start-up process enabled us to learn from what they’ve gone through and properly prepare ourselves,” Anya said.

Vodafone xone is now open for applications until 15 April 2018, and Tectonus Business Development Manager Keane Lee believes this year’s cohort are in for an amazing journey.

“Coming from a company that hasn’t started a business before, we needed support and expert advice from all aspects, and that’s exactly what xone provided. They were able to bring in experts from different fields to help guide us through the problems that we had, and each month we were fuelled with energy, motivation and inspiration to keep the momentum going in our business.

“I believe that we are going through the same journey as start-up companies together, so I think the biggest advice I can give is to keep your perseverance and never give up. If you believe that your idea is something that can change the world, and that makes you wake up every morning just go for it, and keep your grit together,” Keane said.

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