Unlimited rural broadband data packages from midnight to midday daily

Vodafone NZ and Farmside to begin offering rural wireless broadband customers unlimited internet bundles

Following the success of unlimited rural wireless broadband overnight, triggered by increased internet requirements with Covid-19 lockdown, Farmside will soon begin offering customers access to unlimited data between midnight to midday daily as part of a new internet bundle.

From Thursday, rural broadband provider Farmside, as Vodafone NZ’s specialist rural broadband arm, will begin offering customers unlimited data bundles for an additional $29 per month, which will kick-in when the current free offer ends at midnight on 27 July.

Jason Sharp, General Manager of Farmside, says: “Our rural customers have been telling us that having access to unlimited data during a period of the day has been incredibly useful for them, and we saw data use between midnight and 9am increase by 40% during lockdown. We will be extending this free data period until 27 July for customers to take advantage of.

“From 28 July, Vodafone and Farmside customers, plus new customers to Farmside, will have the option to access unlimited data for extended hours, from midnight to midday, as part of a bundle which we expect will be really well received.

“While we’d love to continue offering unlimited data for free during off-peak hours to all customers, the reality is we also need to ensure our ongoing business network sustainability, so need to start charging customers for additional data if they’re keen to access more.

“Urban folk have the ability to access uncapped internet packages due to the difference in broadband infrastructure. As we’re working incredibly hard to close the rural-urban divide, it was important for us that we also offer our customers the ability to be able to download files to their hearts content for an extended window of time each day.

“Because the rural wireless broadband network has a finite capacity, and to ensure our customers have a great experience at all times, we are confident offering unlimited data at certain hours is the best approach for all our customers.”

Vodafone NZ customers will need to contact Farmside to find out more about how to buy the unlimited bundle, which will also mean they transfer to being a Farmside customer and benefit from dedicated rural service and approach from this Timaru-based specialist provider.

Rural wireless broadband services are delivered via mobile towers in the country, which use long-range radio frequency to connect a number of houses in an area. For more information on the infrastructure, here is an explainer about the difference between rural and urban wireless broadband, and fixed broadband connections.

For more information about Farmside connectivity options, delivered in association with Vodafone NZ, please visit: www.farmside.co.nz.

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