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Proactive call centre monitoring technology improves customer experience

Cloud-based, sophisticated automated monitoring system from Cyara helps Vodafone NZ reduce customer-impacting incidents and increase CX

Customer experience enhancements can take many forms - some are highly visible to all, and others are designed to be completely hidden but highly effective. Cyara’s cloud-based automated customer experience monitoring platform that’s now patrolling the Vodafone NZ customer contact centre 24/7, is a great example of the latter.

While an earlier legacy, on-premise version of the Cyara platform was fulfilling Vodafone’s regulatory requirements, Manager of Operations and OSS, Phillip Moore, recognised the potential to further elevate the customer experience by taking advantage of more advanced capabilities on Cyara’s cloud-based platform - with cloud technology being a natural fit for his automation-driven DevOps teams.

“We’re all about automation and making things easier for ourselves, which allows us to focus more attention on our customers,” says Phillip. “We had several key objectives in mind for Cyara, including enabling automated pre-checks on critical, customer-facing systems early in the morning, meaning we could proactively respond to any issues before customers were impacted.”

Cyara’s sophisticated monitoring platform also enables Vodafone to check the “next layer” of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality - ensuring it is also delivering the appropriate responses to callers. Using an API integration, customer-impacting issues are quickly reported to the engineering team so that they can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Almost one million automated test calls were performed to test the new Cyara solution, which ultimately now saves countless hours by automating time-consuming processes.

“The benefits are varied and obvious - most notably in terms of time savings and efficiency across teams, which means we can improve our service levels, and most importantly, proactively sort out issues before customers realise anything is wrong.”

“We’re more proactive,” Moore adds. “Making our experience remarkably simple for customers is our number one goal, so we’re pleased to see the positive benefits shine through.”

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