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Helping our customers online: simplifying digital support options and turning off the Vodafone Community website

Mark Fitzgerald, Head of Digital Service & Tools, explains why we’re turning off

Solving your problems as quickly and easily as possible is the ultimate goal of our customer service channels.

It’s much better for you if we simplify the ways to contact us, and make those options as easy as possible to use.

That’s why we’re turning off the Vodafone Community website at the end of March, and asking you to contact us via one of our more popular online channels.

The three best ways to get fast and accurate help online are:

We also have a range of phone numbers if you’d like to call us instead.

More broadly, we want to offer you remarkably simple ways to contact us. This means better digital channels, and more people based in New Zealand, with awesome tools like our chatbot TOBi to help us respond as quickly as possible.

We’re working on a bunch of new innovations to further improve our customer service. Stay tuned for more updates.

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