One New Zealand provides customer service transparency

Daily metrics to allow up-to-date view of service levels

Key Service Numbers to Know

  • On October 3, we helped 6,198 customers through our inbound call queues.
  • On average, customers waited 35 seconds to speak to us.
  • 4% of callers ended the call before it was answered.
  • 25 percent reduction in the total number of calls received from customers in the past 12 months.
  • In September customers completed 11,004 customer satisfaction surveys
  • In September 80% of customers told us we fixed their issue on the call.

One New Zealand has committed to providing customers with a real time view of its customer service levels by publishing a range of key metrics on its website.

“We want people to see exactly how we’re doing with our customer service on any given day,” says One NZ SME & Consumer Director, Chris Fletcher.

“Our service team gets up and goes to work every morning with one goal in mind – to better serve our customers to stay connected. Like any large-scale operation that relies on a combination of people and technology, we have good days and challenging ones. We manage through staff getting sick, technical issues, and occasional disruptions to our network.”

“The vast majority of customers have great interactions with us, however we know we don’t always get it right. By publishing this information, we are working out loud, bringing our customers on the journey with us, as we seek to continuously improve our service and have more good days than bad.”

One NZ has set up a banner on the ‘Contact Us’ page of its website that provides a daily update on a range of customer service metrics. Yesterday it showed average call wait time of 35 seconds, 6,198 inbound calls, a hang up (abandonment) rate of 4 percent and in September, 80% of customers told us we fixed their issue on the call.

The page will be updated in the coming months to provide data in real time and will add additional information relevant to its customers.

Fletcher notes One NZ has seen a 25 percent reduction in the total number of calls it received from customers in the past 12 months, highlighting a general improvement in its overall service.

“The best customer service is when something just works, and that’s what most people get. However, when things go wrong, we want to answer the call quickly, get the issue sorted promptly and have you back up and running as fast as possible. We still have work to do, but we’re investing in improvement and starting to see results.”

In the past quarter, One NZ’s customer research reveals a 13 percent increase in customer network experience, 10 percent increase in customers who report dealing with a knowledgeable and friendly representative and 10 percent increase in trust.

One NZ has also invested in its 4G and 5G networks by building or upgrading 600 sites across the country over the past eighteen months and has recently made 5G up to 30 percent faster thanks to a re-tune of the entire network.

“We’re proud to have been independently awarded the best mobile network in New Zealand by Umlaut for the second year running. Our next giant leap is a collaboration with SpaceX to provide direct-to-cell coverage to customers across the country - initially with text by the end of 2024, then voice and data the following year,” says Fletcher.

“Fast, knowledgeable and friendly customer service, matched with the latest technological advancements is what One NZ is all about. By democratising this information, we hope to reinforce that we take service seriously and will continue to focus on improving for our customers.”

The One NZ customer service metrics can be seen here.

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