One NZ & Ardie Savea’s new children’s book, live in One NZ stores

Ardie Savea, Ambassador for One NZ’s One Good Kiwi, Unveils Heartwarming Children's Book with a Charitable Twist

Ardie Savea, a beloved figure in the world of rugby, has been an ambassador for One NZ's One Good Kiwi since 2022. Now, One NZ proudly introduces 'A One Good Kiwi Story: Ardie Savea', a heartwarming children's book that not only tells a story but actively promotes the spirit of helping others during the holiday season. One NZ will be donating all proceeds from the book to Kiwi Christmas Books, a charitable initiative committed to providing brand new books to families who can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for their kids, or who struggle to access books in general. Kiwi Christmas Books is one of the charitable causes featured on One Good Kiwi in December.

A personal account of Ardie's younger days, the book invites readers to step into the world of a boy fuelled by ambitious rugby dreams. This story takes readers on a journey through Ardie's challenges in attending his Saturday rugby practices. With hard working parents who often needed to work on weekends, Ardie regularly embarked on unique adventures to make it to the field.

Ultimately, 'A One Good Kiwi Story: Ardie Savea' is a tribute to Ardie's childhood goals and the unwavering support of family and friends who helped him achieve them. One NZ wholeheartedly understands the importance of sharing stories like Ardie's – stories that highlight determination and courage, values that children can learn from and be inspired by. One NZ commissioned the artistic talent of Kurakawa Productions, purposefully chosen for their ability to enrich Ardie's narrative through the lens of Pacifica illustrators, creating an immersive visual journey for readers of all ages.

"I want this book to inspire young Kiwi kids to follow their dreams, regardless of their circumstances. With hard work and determination, they can achieve anything, just like I did. This book is my way of giving back to the community and inspiring young Kiwi," says Ardie Savea.

Authored by One NZ team member Jono Houzet, the book is inspired by One Good Kiwi's mission to empower rangatahi and give back to the communities who need it the most. Every month, charities featured on the One Good Kiwi app receive a share of $100,000, determined by the number of 'tokens' they receive from One Good Kiwi users. This unique initiative empowers individuals to make a meaningful impact, with a total of $1.2 million being donated to charitable causes across the country each year.

Sonya Wilson, founder of Kiwi Christmas Books, conveyed her heartfelt appreciation, stating, "The incredible support from One NZ and Ardie Savea means the world to us, and we are deeply thankful." Speaking to the initiative itself, Sonya adds, “We know that for some of our kids last year, our book was the only Christmas present they received, and they absolutely treasure them.”

Kiwi Christmas Books originated as a local project in Auckland and has since blossomed into a nationwide charity, donating more than 30,000 books to children and families across New Zealand.

The book is exclusively available at One NZ stores throughout the country from Tuesday the 21st of November, at a price point of $20. Join this heartwarming initiative by getting your own copy of 'A One Good Kiwi Story: Ardie Savea' to share with your whānau this Christmas. By doing so, you're not just buying a book; you're making a meaningful contribution to a noble cause and reaffirming One NZ's dedication to positively impact the lives of young Kiwis and their families.



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Kiwi Christmas Books

Kiwi Christmas Books is a heartwarming charitable initiative founded by Sonya Wilson, dedicated to bringing the joy of reading to families in need during the holiday season. With the goal of ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, can experience the delight of receiving brand-new books as Christmas presents, Kiwi Christmas Books collects and distributes these precious literary gifts.

One Good Kiwi

One Good Kiwi is a groundbreaking digital giving platform that's making a difference in the lives of Kiwis. With a mission to empower individuals to support charitable causes, One Good Kiwi allocates $100,000 every month to featured charities, based on the number of "tokens" contributed by users. Each month, users receive 10 tokens to distribute to the causes they care about, ensuring that charitable organizations receive essential funding. By participating in One Good Kiwi, you become an active part of a charitable movement that makes a significant impact on the community.

Ardie Savea

Ardie Savea is a rugby player and plays for teams such as the Hurricanes and the All Blacks. Most recently he was named The Men’s 15s Rugby Player of the Year. One NZ signed him on as the ambassador for One Good Kiwi back in 2022 and has worked with him in promoting charities featured on the One Good Kiwi app.

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