Vodafone completes its Amazon Connect implementation

New technology platform is part of a raft of customer experience improvements

Vodafone New Zealand has now completed its year-long journey to implement Amazon Connect across all contact centres and customer channels.

The final step in the Amazon Connect project was moving all consumer customer channels onto the new cloud-based contact centre system, after migrating business customer channels earlier this year.

As Mark Fitzgerald, Head of Digital Services and Tools, at Vodafone NZ, explains: “Simply put, we’ve truly transformed our service operations to put customer experience at the heart of everything we do.

“We now have well over 1500 staff and partners using our new Amazon Connect platform across both voice and chat channels, answering approximately one million customer requests each month. This means we have put in place a remarkably simplified customer experience on the one sophisticated, intuitive technology platform.

“A year ago, we had 660 phone numbers and 81,000 interactive voice response (IVR) options, which meant it was often difficult for our customers to interact with us and get the help they needed. With Amazon Connect we have re-designed and optimised our contact centre operations to help our customers first time.

“In August we introduced Hana, our virtual concierge, who can direct our customers to the right place by simply asking ‘please tell me how can I help you today’. Initial feedback shows Vodafone customers are finding this voice activated system much easier and quicker to navigate. And the customer experience has been personalised further with customers now being able to easily authenticate by means of a one-time pin option.

“We’re so pleased to have completed what is one of the biggest implementations of Amazon Connect in Aotearoa New Zealand to date, and we know our customers will reap the benefits,” Mark adds.

To supplement the Amazon Connect technology, frontline agents have also been equipped with more tools and training over the past 12 months to help them assist customers better. Vodafone will continue to build insights to further improve its customer experience by utilising tools such as Amazon Contact Lens.

In November 2020, Vodafone NZ announced it had selected Amazon Connect to provide customers with a personalised and enhanced customer experience.

A full list of Vodafone help channels is available at https://www.vodafone.co.nz/contact/

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