Our commitments to sustainable advertising and Ad Net Zero

One New Zealand outlines Ad Net Zero sustainability commitments.

We are proud to sign up as a foundation member of Ad Net Zero, run by the Comms Council. Here’s a brief explanation on how we plan to uphold these commitments and do our part to help decarbonise marketing and advertising activities. This is all part of our focus on being a low-emissions operator and unlocking the magic of technology to create an awesome Aotearoa.

As Georgia Mahaffie, Head of Brand and Marketing, One New Zealand, explains: “Every small step matters towards achieving a big goal. We’ll be applying the principles of Ad Net Zero to our advertising decisions. At One New Zealand we believe every reduction helps Aotearoa be more awesome as we collectively transition to a low-emissions, climate resilient future.”

  • Reduce advertising operational carbon emissions.

This point largely relates to our advertising suppliers reducing their operational Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which we will support and encourage. As a supporter of Ad Net Zero, we will continue to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. One New Zealand is a Toitū Envirocare carbonreduce certified organisation, having just finished an audit aligned with international best practice in carbon emissions measurement and verification standards in accordance with ISO 14064. As an organisation, we’ve been measuring our carbon emissions since 2007 and aim to minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible, doing more with less. More info here.

  • Reduce emissions from advertising production.

We will reduce emissions within production working alongside our advertising agency DDB (also a member of Ad Net Zero). We will use local talent and freelancers wherever possible to reduce transport emissions and consider the broader impact of the production decisions we make.

  • Reduce emissions from media planning and buying.

Alongside our agency, FCB Media, we strive to reduce digital wastage within our media planning and buying. We understand that every digital impression results in GHG emissions, due to the energy required to power digital advertising and heavy reliance on data transmission. Scope 2 emissions (purchased electricity) are the biggest source of One NZ’s company emissions within current reporting. We will aim for better targeting within our digital buying and continually optimising our planning.

  • Reduce emissions through awards and from events.

We support efforts by the Comms Council to reduce emissions within awards and events. Where possible, we will minimise our travel to attend such shows or prioritise the most relevant engagements and events.

  • Harness advertising’s power to support consumer behaviour change.

We understand the reach and power of corporates to help influence change, and we take this responsibility seriously. We will be looking at big and small ways to help support Aotearoa’s transition to a low-emissions economy through our brand reach. This includes advertising great products like One NZ’s Trade-In scheme, whereby most traded-in phones are given a new life and resold to people who need them, or otherwise recycled via the RE:MOBILE program, so we encourage the reuse of phones for longer and do better for our environment.

In summarising why One NZ is joining Ad Net Zero, Nicky Preston, Head of Sustainability, says: “Creating an awesome Aotearoa is at the heart of our company purpose, so we’re focused on reducing our environmental footprint and being a low emissions operator. This includes embedding sustainable practices into every part of our organisation, including marketing and advertising. We’re proud to be part of Ad Net Zero and join this international movement.”

For more information about Ad Net Zero, please visit:

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